User ID Account and Password
Tickets Purchase and Payment
Generation of Pin Code
Redemption of Generated Pin Code
1. How do I register a buyer’s account? - Licensed travel agents in Singapore are required to send a request to travelagent@sentosa.com.sg to be given access to application.
2. During registration, what details or documents do I need to provide? - Travel Agent License issued by Singapore Tourism Board*
- Company Profile (ACRA)*
- Address and contact Information
*With attachment of document proof
3. Why is my office and handphone number important? - Sentosa requires your office number or direct line in case we need to contact you urgently regarding your registration, bookings and all other matters pertaining to your account. Your mobile number will be used as a secondary contact for all matters and receiving latest Sentosa updates via SMS in the near future.
4. After submitting the registration, what should I do? - Please wait for 2 to 3 working days to activate the account. Password will be email to the contact information
- Contact us via email if you didn’t receive the email after 3 to 5 working days.
5. How many accounts can I have? - Each agent is limited to one account only.
User ID Account and Password
1. What should I do if I forget my User ID account? - You may email to travelagent@sentosa.com.sg for assistance.
2. What should I do if I forget my Password? - Click the ‘Forget Password’ at the Login page.
3. Can I change my User ID once created? - No. Once account is created and approved, user is not allowed to change the login ID. You may send all change requests to travelagent@sentosa.com.sg.
4. Can I change my password? - Yes. Once login, click the ‘Account Management’ icon and change your password. An email will be sent to your registered email informing you of the password change.
Tickets Purchase and Payment
1. Where can I buy my tickets? - Click the ‘Attractions’, ‘Packages’ or ‘Event’ icons at the main page and select quantity required. Once you have selected the product/s and quantity, please click on the ‘Cart’ icon to confirm the items before proceeding for payment.
2. What is the mode of payment? - We accept payment online using MasterCard and VISA. Please be reminded that you will be given 10 minutes to confirm and complete the entire payment process.
3. Do you allow other forms of payment? - Currently only credit card payment (MasterCard and VISA only) is accepted
4. What happens when the payment is successful? You may view your products and receipt of purchase in the ‘Inventory’ section. You will also receive a confirmation of purchase alert via your registered email address.
5. How long is the validity of the stored product in the Inventory? - It will be valid for a period of six (06) months from the date of purchase and will be stored in the ‘Inventory’ for retrieval whenever required.
Generation of Pin Code
1. How do I generate a pin code for my guest from the purchased products in the inventory? - Simply access the ‘Inventory’, select the products and quantity required and click ‘Create Package’. It is recommended that you check through all the details and include any remarks (e.g. tour code, guest or tour guide name) before clicking on ‘Pin Code Generation’. The generated pin code confirmation will be sent to your registered email address.
2. Why do I need to generate a pin code? - The generated pin code confirmation can be provided to your guest or tour guide for the redemption of tickets at any Sentosa ticketing counters or kiosks.
3. Can I combine two or more products into one (1) pin code? - Yes. You can combine up to four (4) attractions or products such as F&B, retail top-ups.
4. How do I combine the products? - Select the attractions you wish to combine in the ‘Inventory’, select quantity required and click ‘Create Package’ to bundle the products. Please note that the validity of your package will be based on the earliest expiry date among the selected products (All products are valid for 6 months from date of purchase).
5. What happens when the pin code is generated? - Once pin code is generated, you will not be able to de-bundle the package or place the products/package back into the inventory. You can however still utilise the pin code to redeem tickets from any Sentosa ticketing counters or kiosks until its earliest expiry date, which will be indicated on the generated pin code confirmation.
Redemption of Generated Pin Code
1. What is the validity of a ticket after redemption? - It is valid for one (01) day use only unless otherwise specified.
2. How can I check the redemption status of the pin code? - Click on ‘Inventory’ icon and then ‘View Packages’. You are also able to filter by the date or status of the redemption for reference.
3. Can we extend the validity date of expiry products stored in the inventory? - Yes, it can be extended for an additional three (03) months from the date of expiry indicated in the ‘Inventory’. An administrative charge of $1.00 per ticket (subject to revision) shall be imposed for each amendment or revalidation of issued tickets. Please note that revalidation is only allowed once. No revalidation will be allowed for generated pin codes.
1. Where can I generate reports? - Click on the ‘Reports’ icon. ,
- All reports can be filtered by date or by item.
2. What kinds of reports can I generate? - Transaction report: This report allows you to view your purchased items and revalidated items.
- Inventory report: This report allows you to view your purchased items and items that are generated into pin code.
- Pin code report: This report allows you to view the status of the redemption of the pin code.